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Work creating images that will leave a mark in the history of someone’s life is a blessing and a privilege.

Marriage is a moment in the story of your life that requires your full attention and the best documentation. For this reason, I love capturing those moments so important that would otherwise be lost, just as a photojournalist would tell an event: calmly observing and promptly documenting every moment. Always with a particular style, elegant and spontaneous.

Because the first objective is to develop images that generate emotions, capture smiles, tears of emotion, caresses, a special look, the little details and all the joy of your day …

What matters most: to catch the small things to make big pictures … they tell a whole story with a simple elegant style, combining shots caught on the fly with staged shots, trying to create an intimate vision, with lights, colors, the atmosphere and the emotions of your day.

An elegant and romantic moment can be frozen and re-lived for generations, because with the images of that day, you can re-live those passionate moments.
If there is a story that must be told, it is that of your wedding … and there are not other stories like yours.

The wedding concept

Excellent knowledge of photography technique , communication with customers, location inspection, the ability to plan logistics, post-production of the best shots, interpersonal skills necessary to understand the needs and wishes of the customers; their curiosity, imagination and dynamic idea.

Business Services

With photography I try to show in an original way what is apparently simple and obvious. In today’s world of web and social networking, more and more companies give importance to their image . Customers are no longer satisfied with the products and large offices; instead they want to be part of the soul of the company. Thanks to my way of working, I bring emphasis on people and processes, highlighting their strengths.